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>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Word,


Yesterday my sister and I planned to have lunch at Pizza Hut…So we both informed our respectful BFs that meeting time will be at 11.00 cos during weekend it’s always over crowded and risked not to have a place to sit…

So today, my sis and I woke up early (even kinda hard to wake up early esp on a Sunday) and got ready ( you know girls and time to get ready LOL)

Well at 10.30 my sis phoned her BF, guess what her bf had completely forgotten that we needed to meet and was in the east of the island no need to tell you that a fight started LOL and the poor chap had done his best to be in quatre bornes at 11.30 LOL (don’t know how many speed limits he must have broken LOL)


But like most days, traffic is kinda so densed and he managed to arrive there at 11.50 and my poor BF arrived pizza hut at 11.20 and waited for us till noon….

So even it didn’t start nicely it was kinda great when we managed to have a seat….

Well we didn’t know it was just the starter….

To have just the menu, we waited for 10-15minutes my sis bf got enraged and went to talk to a waiter to inform him that we didn’t get the menu(our table neighbor both laughed when he saw that cos they were in the same condition LOL) … a couple who was before us, went away as no one took care of them… after a long debate on what we gonna eat we managed to have the attention of a waiter…


To just have a pepsi omg think we waited for another 15 minutes thought they went to fetch it directly to the factory…that’s sound promising for the pizza to come….


Well glancing around (am curious as nature), I tried to see what kind of mood were the others:…

Some were impatient, waiting for their food

Some were fooling around they didn’t much care

Some were expressionless LOL

I just wanted to laugh it was so funny,


the poor waiters trying to do their best…and the angry customers etc but the waiters were polite and didnt lose their self control and somehow I pity them cos it was not their fault…(hmm if all waiters were like that guy below well I would have kept ordering LOL :-) )


When it was dessert time for us…a group of tourists came…I told myself you guys don’t know what waiting for you LOL if you could have seen their face and grin LOL

But the salad, the prawn appetizers and the sauces that went along and the dessert (cheese cake and heavenly chocolate) are kinda good to eat…pizza moderately ok….


Well that was my express service at pizza hut….

Hope you guys, had a nice weekend…



Yashvin October 25, 2009 at 7:56 PM  


Gaia October 25, 2009 at 11:57 PM  

LOL you right KFC better :-)

Tushal October 27, 2009 at 4:49 AM  

I did not know about your blog..:p..Kfc rules..The last time I went to eat at pizza hut was in July 2008.I went to pizza hut curepipe. And the service was better than that you received.

Gaia October 27, 2009 at 4:57 AM  

LOL think they lack personnel at pizza hut QB cos there is vacancy there :-) maybe that's why the service was so slow :-p

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