If Africa was beautiful

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello World!
I always wonder why the media always portrait Africa in a negative way….
The typical stereotype image most people have of Africa is always a child with flies around his/her face


If not, we will be thinking of Africa as a land of war,



political instability,

Political instability index


Artist_Dees produced this striking image after the FAO warned that Africa had to learn to feed itself_thumb[2]

or aids

I then wonder:

If the beautiful picture that Camara Laye portrait for La Guinea in his book L’Enfant Noir did exist…


are the African values, cultural richness


, tradition 


and Conakry as wonderful as he describes 


If the African flora 

and fauna 


really striking as they are pictured in the Kirikou cartoon?


When will I see such coverage on Africa making the headline on the CNN, France 24 or BCC World and on our local media?

Africa is indeed a beautiful country far from the gloomy and dark  image shown by the media



Harassment over the telephone

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello World!

Did you ever encounter a crazy person over the telephone?

Well it happened to me recently…

It was a night around 23.00… I was working on the PC when my mobile phone started ringing…

When checking the caller ID saw it was an unknown number… I took the call as have a friend who is always phoning from different numbers…

It was a girl…

She said hello and then told me to stop harassing Ash as whenever she calls him, his line is busy and that a girl Sanjana keeps on calling him day and night…

I told her that she has dialed the wrong number and that wasnt Sanjana…

But she was adamant cos it was the number his fiancé gave her…

I told her again that didn’t know any Ash and hang up…

After a few minutes, I received a sms from her… she asked me if I met her fiancé on a chartroom and that she is fed up with him and her life… 0_o

I replied her sms so that she leaves me in peace and repeat again that I don’t know about her fiancé etc ( I even told her that I have a BF)…

But she just believe blindly her fiancé …she couldn’t seem to think that maybe am right and her fiancé just give her a number so that he is relieved of her …

But she won’t understand and keeps asking where I got his number…how I know him….I just feel like @#%$&!!!!

Imagine my state of mind it was nearly midnight ….I wonder if she’s behaving like this with me…what kind of hell her fiancé must be living…

It was quite clear to me that her fiancé was cheating on her…I felt somehow sorry for her but I wanted her to stop harassing me…

I told her that have to wake up early as I have to go to work tomorrow…she told me that she would telephone me tomorrow…

The next day at 07.00am she telephoned me… I didn’t take her call…gosh it was unbelievable to disturb people early like this esp when you are not even closed to them…

She then sent me a sms:

Gudmrng dr. y u was not received my cal.zat mean u r guilty. U knw ash my fiancer wel. N u had cal him every2. Nw am fed up of my life. Have only 1way 4me2suicide zat al. cos u did nt tel me d truth. Ash n u ll responsible 4zat. B4 die I must rite a letter. Put ur number n my fiancer num. n d cos also ok dr only 12 hrs give u 2 reveal d thruth ok.

Have quoted her sms with the spelling mistakes not to mock her but to show what kind of person she is…

I just lost my patience when reading her message…was not only being threatened but was also being given an ultimatum…

I replied her and told her that was going to report her to the police before her suicide and that there was an act in the Mauritian law about damaging people’s image and to tell this to her Ash…

She then told me that she was going to check her fiancé mobile to see if I had really called him…

In the meanwhile was not reassured about her suicidal threat knowing she was somehow a bit crazy… so I contacted my BF and asked him to phone that girl but his credit was over…

So I turned to my sis bf… don’t know what he tell her but the girl hasn’t sms or phone me again…and she even switched off her mobile…

Morale of the story:
  • Don’t know any Ash (why should I steep so low to harass another guy when already have a BF)
  • My name is not even Sanjana
  • Unbelievable that anyone can harass you on the mobile and point out such accusation on you when you are innocent
  • Really afraid now to answer unknown number
  • Should I change my number in case she starts again?


Mes Coups de Coeur du moment

>> Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello World
I have tried and have loved:

  • The Blind Side:
The Blind Side is a really emotional and beautiful movie inspired from a true story. This film highlights the ‘charité Chrétienne’ and the life of kids like Big Mike who can be changed if we want.
After watching the movie, you gonna realize how lucky you are to have parents, a home and a bed…


A not-to-miss DVD on your shelves….

Ratings: 5/5

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6U1xbO2yaE

I have tried and have loved:
  • Legion:

For the fans of action movies, Legion is about the war of Angels and mankind who has lost faith in God…
I just love the angels with their wings there (nice animation effects)


Join in the battle of the Legion

Rating: 3/5

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8lGCjd9W8U

I have tried and have loved:
  • Paranormal Activity:

For the fans of horror movies, Paranormal activity is your holy grail….

Ratings: 4/5

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSSqxrh5kp8

I have tried and have loved:
  • Gypsy – Shakira
Shakira - Gypsy (FanMade Single Cover) Made by Blair_Waldorf
Ratings : 4/5

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UQ2yqR3oUM

Gypsy Lyrics:

Have a nice weekend



The life proof quest...

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello World!
In two weeks time will be submitting the dissertation...really don’t know if should be happy or apprehensive about that....
Today was wondering about the Samsung Planet Proof mobile phone


and imagine then how it would be if there was an object proof for anything we dislike especially when you feel really stupid and whatever you have been doing or doing is just worthless...

For e.g.

  • Emotion proof against feeling down, insecure or born stupid
  • Work proof against the nasty boss or colleagues
  • University proof against feeling really really stupid, out of place or de-motivation
  • Life proof (think we would need the mask and armor of cynicism to face this world)
It would have been indeed great if we could happen to choose which emotion situation we would have like to be immune or even escape....

I end to day on this quote

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. --Joseph Chilton Pierce



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