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>> Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello World…
Tomorrow, the 12 March is the Independence Day of Mauritius…
Time to commemorate the struggle for liberty of our ancestors
Time to subsist the patriotism of our beloved motherland
Behind the façade of the national ceremonial conventions & protocols, this day is also the day to reflect on the symbolism of this day…

Our flag is made up of 4 color stripes
red symbolising the country's struggle for independence
blue being the color of our ocean &some say it’s the color of our sky
yellow standing for a bright future for Mauritius following its independence & some say it’s the color of our sand &sun
and green being the fauna & flore of the island
independence day3

for me it is the day where I am reminded why I do feel proud to be born on this small island lost in the Indian Ocean…known to some and unknown to so many….
Our beaches & flore & fauna
Being a tropical island gifted with some magnificent shores &lagoons, our island has always promoted this side of it…
But the ocean represents the ultimate escapade to Mauritian where the current wash away our stress & worries for some laughter & fun
The waves sprinkling us to a fresh & serene attitude
The endless horizon of the ocean around the island, reminding us that there are more journey & voyage to discover on the ocean of life…
Moving away from the holiday post card beaches, the other essences of the island can be perceived through its rich diversities:
independence day
People & culture
Mauritius is a multicultural community where you will find different religion community, culture and beliefs…
but the beauty in this that no matter one’s religion & ethnicity, we have found a way to live in peace irrespective of our so many differences…
Despite many controversies, I always feel proud of our unity & our ability to blend with each other so easily…
independence day2
Cuisine Benefitting from our rich cultural heritage, the local Creole cuisine will mirror this legacy…
a combination of east & west sparkled with colorful spices
Today the Island is now an established offshore platform for many countries wishing to transact with Africa & India with bourgeoning markets.

But we are a still a struggling nation where every day & night, so many people are fighting to have a better place to live
Tomorrow floating & branding the color of our flag high up in the sky, will be to reinstate the 4 symbolism of the Mauritian flag


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