>> Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello World!
Finally my wish or obsession has turned true… I have finally made my comeback in the business world…
Yeah am finally back….
But like most ordinary human beings, am not totally happy…wonder why…


Am back at the harsh and cold reality of the business world which I craved to be….with my delusions shattering more…


Back to the past routines which I longed to faced again: waking up early…the rush hours of the breakfast time and dressing time….the morning sprint to the bus stop…to be finally in the end of the long queue waiting desperately for the rare Express buses to surface….to then wish to have a seating place (the past courtesy has longed died in Mauritius)….to be then stuck in the daily morning traffic jam…sprint to the office….wishing the clock will tick more quickly so the day will end soon…the afternoon congestion…


This is my daily routine for the past 3 weeks…am not complaining but wish I was more thrilled…


Tired of these delusions: the hope of getting a good job or brighter future….my thoughts and imagination are escaping or should I say drifting to another exquisite obsession of mine: cliffs


Yeah I love cliffs and am just totally fascinated by cliffs…
For me, they represent the most peaceful and energy refilling place…where you can sit there for hours and watch the rough sea and waves clashing and some vessels at some far most distance enveloped with their own special atmosphere: windy…cold…and so alone…


And because they are so like me: quite boring and unappealing places…just like the dull, introvert, loner person that I am finding it so difficult to connect to people….
Am picturing me living in Cornwall in a small house abandoned near a light house….

lands send

or in the highlands in Scotland or near its cliffs with its own mystical atmosphere

soctland cliffs

or lost in the exotic mystery and beauty of the New Caledonia Island…


I have always wanted to live near cliffs….trekking or sitting there observing the games of the angry waves against the defying rocks….

so that's my daily obsession…


I end today on a cheerful note ….on car commercial ads that I really love watching on TV…



Climbing Le Pouce Mountain….

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello World!
If you love nature…
If you don’t have money and want to do an outing…
And if you are lazy (like me) and really need some exercises….
Then hiking should definitely be on your agenda…


The good ideas/must:

Going out with your group of friends/colleagues:
A good day will be waiting for you with the fooling around and joking times as you make your way at the top of the mountain….most of us were playing on the word ‘le Pouce’ (thumb in English) saying that we should have gone for the .middle finger….in case you are worried to be alone there well no worries at all…we met many people over there…some were climbing up or down encouraging us to continue…


Panoramic view:


Your reward for all your efforts will be the 360 degree panoramic view of the Plaines Wilhems and Port Louis district… it was just so beautiful…watching Port Louis view will be like gazing into a still oil picture of the harbor with its large vessels in the background with the varying blue tones of the sea….


There was also the flashback moment of the Mauritius in its colonial period trying to picture how people must have stood there to watch the vessels coming….

An amazing green trip to discover the beauty of nature…very green around…definitely a return to nature with very muddy and rocky trail…will be a very good team building programme as you will be needing help of your friends at some point in time to steady yourself so as not to fall down or slip away….
For the fruits fans: Goyave de chine will be mushrooming around and you will have a large selection to choose from….
The windy weather and mountain breeze will be the cooling effect to vent out the tiredness …bringing you some freshness….

The small disadvantages:
Situated in the rainy region of the Moka district, you should watch out the weather forecast before going there…do not make it on a rainy weather as it will be very dangerous….unfortunately for us, it had been raining a bit on the previous night but the weather was ok the following day….we were thereby gifted with a muddy and slippy path (fortunately thank to mother nature, there are branches to grip yourself)
Climbing up is the easiest as the climbing down is really difficult as you really need to be careful and attentive….would have slipped several times and had fallen only once…so trust me nature isn’t that friendly…
No sign to indicate you the right direction….there is only one at the foot of the mountain…the rest you will have to manage ….

Very narrow path…really need to be focused with stones and roots mingle in the middle of the trail…and do watch out that you are following the right pathway else a wrong decision may lead to a fall in the precipice…


Wear very good trainers, a t-shirt, a hat, trousers (to avoid being uncomfortable with mud splashing on you) and do bring lots of water…. And for those who are frail as me…do bring a jacket along…
The climbing time is around 2 -3 hours….

We then went to Flic en Flac (the nearest beach)….after having refresh ourselves at one of our friend’s place who happens to live nearby Le Pouce mountain….we were pampered with juices and cookies at her place….thanks Nausheen for providing the antiseptic cream you saved my day….
The next programme was then animated by my friend Ari…wonderful event hostess who is really gifted to animate those series of mimics and riddle games…and the wonderful gift exchange part where all of us had to mimic the person whom we got (the actress or comedian career is definitely not made for me)
There was the shooting time on the beach


So that was my wonderful outing with my classmates….will be seeing le Pouce Mountain differently now…

Being in the world cup mood, I end today on 3 videos which I really love watching…


p.s: thanks Caro and Ari for the surprise really appreciate it….


The Perfume Frenzy

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello World!

These days, my two big crazes are the Roland Garros French Open and the perfumes TV spots in between the matches…am just flying over a cloud of fragrance …

After the terrible suspense and climax tension hanging over the pending match, it is a relief to watch those perfumes TV spots which do bring some fascinating fragrance like the WOW factor (excl the super models)– the idea behind the whole concept of the idea…how come someone reach such storyboard, concept and creativity….

Watching those ads really make ones dream….

TV ads really love watching those days:

  • Giorgio Armani - Aqua Di Gio
  • Lancôme – Trésor
  • Terre d´Hermès by Hermès
  • Dior -Fahrenheit Absolute

TV ads  I heart
  • Cacharel - Liberté
  • Dior - J'adore
  • Lancôme – Miracle
  • Nina Ricci – Nina
  • Kenzo – Flower
  • Gucci - flora
  • Fahrenheit -Dior

And finally the hot and sexy TV spot that I love as it is simply so Capri
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Fragrance

Have a nice weekend



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