Happy New Year From my blog to yours

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello World!


In two days, we will be welcoming 2010 : )

Well know it’s high time to think about some resolutions and make the ‘bilan’ of 2009.... For me resolutions are like rules, meant to be broken LOL…some resolutions which I will try to adhere and achieve:


1. Will try to write better post (must be more creative meaning that has to strain my brain LOL)


2. Find more time for people whom I love


3. Stop being lazy


4. Do some exercises and start doing yoga


5. Find a job (love being unemployed LOL)


6. Have a new make-over and be more girly LOL


I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year 2010


All the very best to you.

Enjoy but with moderation.




2009 TV ads that I Love

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello World!
Hope you had a great Xmas

This season festive is also about chocolate and no need to tell you that most TV channels are invaded with chocolate ads and one of them that really love is the Ferrero Rocher Pub Olympe  and Ulysse ….the ads are just super cool really creative and  nice to watch…
  • Pub Ferrero Rocher

  • Pub Ferrero Rocher Olympe


  • Ferrero Rocher - Ulysse


  • Pub Ferrero Mon Chéri


  • Werbung - Ferrero - Rondnoir



I also like the ad of the 150 anniversary of La Croix Rouge..think it’s also well made….
  • pub 150 ans de la Croix Rouge 2009

p.s: dont know about you but seeing all these delicious and mouth-watering Ferrero  just want to eat all of them…. 


Merry Christmas: from my blog to yours

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello World

Christmas is already knocking at our door…


I just love Christmas, think its during this festive season that the kid side in everyone surface…for me Christmas resonates: warmth, laughter, happiness, selflessness and love.


I also adore the Christmas carol and the beautiful snowy sceneries that accompany it (too bad we don’t have white Christmas here)


And it’s also commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ…


And most important: the traditional Buche de Noel…LOL


and the Christmas cards or ecards or sms wishes you receive : ) (and the gifts LOL)


Think that the beauty and spirit of Christmas

On this occasion, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas ….Have a wonderful time with many enjoyable and memorable events and more important have many laughing moments…


Enjoy yourself (but with moderation LOL)



p.s: To Santa, if you happen to drop by my blog, well a small a very small gift: a trip to Greece or a trip around the globe will do :p


December Shopping

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello World!


Yesterday I went to some shopping no need to tell you that everywhere was packed up with people…I really love this period of the year despite its so hectic and where your money just flow and flow and flow away from your bank account and pocket instead of cashing back : p (wonder about the credit crunch crisis aftermath LOL)

Financial crisis credit crunch global

We can’t forget the joyous atmosphere screaming everywhere the ringing bell of Xmas with its bright and lively decorations and spectacular sales, events and the end of year party…think December is the party season of the year where everyone seems ready to party and have some fun…

panacea party page

Its only the heat and brazing sun which are the killjoy… doing so hot as if there is no air and the crowded shopping centers are like hell as there is lack of air circulation excl the AC in the shops…that remind me of the movie Knowing with the sun chaos


About dissertation, am still stuck on the survey: (

  • Big disappointment of the month:


The outcome of the summit of Copenhagen… thought Obama was going to bring some changes but seemed the main concern of some leaders is about to fill the accounts of the State and Industrialists and fuel the economy ..


Too bad, they are not realizing that If Earth is not a livable environment how come they themselves are gonna live…maybe with the support of money they are going to accumulate…will this same money be able to provide or return us back the soil fertility of the Earth or prevent all those climatic changes…


Believe it wasn’t up to the leaders to take this decision but all the inhabitants of this planet, there should have been a global vote where all citizens were able for once to exercise the right to decide about the fate of their future….

Won’t end in such a sad tone :p

My festive season wish is that everyone has a wonderful Xmas times full of laughter and memorable moments :p




Hot and damp Wednesday

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello World!

One week left before Christmas but the Christmas atmosphere is already here…


survey-pic2Apart from that, today I went to uni to meet my dissertation supervisor….and the outcome: have to re-work my survey format and review some questions : (

Else am very late this year on buying gifts and my gift lists has also been extended LOL… to find gifts for people is the most difficult activities as everyone has different taste and kinda hard to guess what things gonna please them…. So how am going to manage this:

  • Design a list
  • Jot down each name and next to it, specify a gift price


  • Totaled all prices and see if it’s over or under the budget


Don’t know about you but have noticed that its hottest now…this heat is unbearable each time went out have a headache and there are few places to shelter yourself from this callous sun….

By Ben Goossens - «Natural shelter»

With the Copenhagen climate summit buzz, we are expecting some hopes to save our dear planet with the worldly warning that the Maldives Island might be lost

Image1102 or the issue of water overcoming land in Bangladesh or the new refugees ….


When I watched this TV programme : Un Soir pour La Terre


Link - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbfdrt_un-soir-pour-la-terre-le-debat_news

kinda became conscious then as saw  it’s a matter of concern for everyone, we are not safe anywhere as we believe… here we are not realizing that we are a small island not a continent, and if there is a rise in the sea level, we might one day disappeared if islands in Bangladesh have already been erased from the map, why not Mauritius?

Sea level rise

Just hope that man will realize that and hopefully will be able to stop this catastrophe

I also take this opportunity to bless and glorify the following inventions:

  • Mobile with mp3 player – my other travel companion who always with me when am alone when have insomnia, when am in the bus, when am waiting alone in uni and during all my loneliness moments


  • Sunscreen – thanks for protecting my skin from this harsh sun


  • Short


and ‘debardeur


63016ou les hauts a bretelles’ – thanks for alleviating my body from this damn heat





  • Fan and AC – thanks for cooling my body

o2cool-mp3-speaker-fan img_13431_ac

  • Mosquito repellent products - thanks for protecting my body from their bitchy attacks




Mes Coups de Coeur du moment

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

  • Black Eyed Peas - Meet me half way





Very different from IGotta Feeling, this song and video clip are awesome but the voice of Fergie kinda weird…vibrant added with the Black Eyed Peas tempo and beat, this song kinda cool …really like it…

  • Owl City - Vanilla Twilight





  • Owl City – Fireflies





When first heard these song, just love the guy voice…reminds me of my teen period : ) these songs just rock with a soft tempo for the soft heart….Vanilla Twilight  and Fireflies are the perfect background music for your romantic moments

  • Kesha-TiK-ToK





Another descendant of the Lady Gaga wave but without the eccentric look….the music kinda cool and perfect for the dance floor… and the video is the perfect post-clubbing effect and image

  • Mozart Opera Rock - Vivre A En Crever








Happy Thursday

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello World!

Today had exams …well now a big OUF cos parts of my stress and worries have been relieved…fewer burdens on my shoulders: p


So kinda on holidays and now resume the dissertation pause…


So what were the good and kinda bad things of today…

With Gaia, the good news always comefirst LOL then we will dive into the morose parts…

  • Les Good of Today:

My little sister has passed her exams


Exam over…even hasn’t been really serious kinda floating on a bubble now….LOL

Was at uni today and met my pals…our main motto when it comes to exam is never to revise or discuss anything about the subjects…so to kill out stress…we will always be joking and gossiping and trust me it really help you to relax and concentrate later…


So the little palabre of today was about :

The little trip of one my friend to Rodrigues for her work…am so proud of her cos she has planned and organized the whole tip and planning herself and it was a big success big clap for u Cxxx…:p and thanks for the little souvenir so nice of you :p


And the reflection of the day:

About the end of the world…we were thinking what the use of doing a Bsc or masters or studying if we had to die soon…and we imagined if there was a big tsunami we would be saving our degree certificate using it as our bouet de sauvetage LOL….or to take a loan as we won’t be refunding it afterwards:p


And the little palabres about work and everything…..

  • Intermission – a few classmates joined us and began to discuss about dissertation and the points for a project…my morale just drill down tremendously


The big joke of the day and the mega LOL:

After exam, a classmate asked me what does RSS means (part of the paper)? I told him the full abbreviation, he told me he thought it was Republique Sovietique like the ex USSR I just burst into a mega LOL when all of us cam to know about this all of us just LOL…



Then there was the ice-cream pause around the big tree near cafeteria when my friends and I were recalling some of the funniest moments of our assignment for instance when my TV interview assignment was completely ruined I was the joker of the class :p



I received a letter from my friend just cool…


Am writing my Xmas cards for my college friends…our traditional since we were at college…talking about Xmas I just this festive season…don’t know about you but think it’s a magical moment where everyone is in a happy mood thinking about her/his wish list or what going to buy for others….I mean we are somehow kids at heart: p going to be shopping over shopping + bank account overdraft LOL


  • Les bad of today:

Today is the last day of uni have to meet wait for next year now to meet my pals

My cousin who recently got married, got into a fight with one of our neighbors here…today he bought a new car and that neighbor intentionally when passing near his car, broke his Car Mirror so no need to stress of what happen afterwards…just hope people don’t have such bad neighbors…


And I finished this very long post LOL on this quote:

‘La dépression est le fruit de la triste réalité qu'est ce monde, mais t'en fait pas, on y passe tous un jour au l'autre’.


Sending you all a wonderful Season greeting to you all… (hope you have many mega LOL moments )



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