Are You addicted to the Coca Cola drug

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello World!


My question of the day?

Are you addicted to Coca Cola?

Coca Cola....

What a wonderful human invention...whenever it comes into my mind...I think of its bubbles and its wonderful taste....LOL


Even many have tried to copy coca cola, no one can beat its unique taste .....(Glory to the not-so-called secret ingredients LOL)


So to answer this question, yes am a coca cola addicted, I have to drink it every start it starts with a small dose a small 0.5 L per day then it was so hard to live (LOL know going to extreme) without having a taste of it.....

I can’t drink the other soft drinks like Fanta, Sprite etc... they aren’t just Coca cola

Sometimes my sis prefers to drink coca cola for breakfast rather than milk or juice...


for her coca cola is her milk LOL....she said that give her energy LOL...


now also an energy booster.....

In Mauritius we have a variety of Coca Cola from the diet, light and Zero Cola but my favourite remains the classical coca cola hmmm with a slice of lemon and many ice cubes in it...the perfection LOL....


While browsing the web, I saw that there is the Cherry Cola (lol ask myself how it taste),


the Vanilla (this one  we used to have it here),


the Coca Cola Lime - Available in Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore,Canada, and the United States. (why isn’t it here )


the Coca Cola Blak - Only available in the United States, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Lithuania (wow nice design surrounded with an air of mystery LOL),


Coca-Cola Orange - Only available in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar (that too ask myself how it tastes),


Coca-Cola Light Sango - Only available in France and Belgium. (musical tone don’t know why remind me of tango LOL),


Coca-Cola M5 - Only available in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil (LOL think it’s a James Bond kind of Code),


Coca-Cola C2 - Was only available in Japan, Canada, and the United States. (this ones remind me of chemistry lol),

Coca-Cola Citra - Only available in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand and Japan – (think citra=lemon LOL),


Coca-Cola with Lemon - available in: American Samoa, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Korea, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Réunion, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, and West Bank-Gaza


Wow all these coca cola (must go to those countries just to have a taste J )

While watching TV I came across this ad I found very nice – Coca Cola Tribute to Fashion -

I know when we have to go to KFC and Pizza Hut we have to accept to drink the inevitable Pepsi (why!!! ) but luckily at Mc Donald there is the Cola

This lead to the inevitable and on-going war and debate of Pepsi v/s Coca Cola (that’s another story LOL)


Oh Coca Cola even I know you are not that healthy


And I one day I might develop diabetes

I will still be glorying you (maybe not if get to be amputated LOL) and your unique taste

Get to go to have my dose of coca cola




Yashvin October 28, 2009 at 8:47 AM  

my favourite remains the classical coca cola hmmm with a slice of lemon and many ice cubes in it...

To p faire dimoune gagne soif LOL.

I can say that I was addicted, but since some weeks, I have drastically reduced the amount of coca cola n other drinks. Instead, I prefer to buy some juice or dahi or yoplait.

Be careful, don't abuse coca or any other drinks.

Gaia October 28, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

well had been trying to reduce it but there was always some coca temptation LOL :-)

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