The Art of Village Life

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today I went to my uncle place... he happens to live on one of the villages found on the western coast...
Don’t know about but think in Mauritius, we no more have the once folkloric pittoresque villages...the villages are long gone and small miniature towns are making with their entry ….
But today was the perfect time to relax a bit and to break away from home and dissert...the sun was not that harsh (kinda gloomy weather) accompanied with sea breeze and the best part: peace and no continuous cars horning but just nature and a relative calmness....
I always love travelling on the western coast...not only for the beautiful villas or bungalows at Tamarin or Riviere Noire but love watching the mountains, sugarcane fields and the panoramic view that the sea offers (perfect still picture or image with boats far away in the background) just wish at such time that you were in those boats sailing away...
And on such trip, my dad and uncle and cousins would be narrating their stories when they were young and how naughty and mischievous they were and how life was in Mauritius at such time...
Well really love those flashback learn so many things about our folklore culture, lifestyle and stories...
There would be also some anecdotes ...for e.g. about the family bring and share and which my cousin refers as eat and run whenever he would be going to his in-laws he would be going empty hand and then eat very rapidly and also dash rapidly... or eat and sleep ....really got a mega LOL when he told us that....
Things I love in the Western villages:

  • A complete different mood and atmosphere from Quatre Bornes...
  • Just love the peaceful silence and nature (even the sun and heat kinda terrible without forgetting our friend mosquito)
  • Just love the coastal area esp the sea (haven’t forget about the tsunami threat)
  • You can some cycling without looking bizarre
  • Your relatives you once saw in a while are always welcoming...always giving you gifts asking you to come again and over again...warm and nice hospitality
  • People greet each other more warmly and everyone know each other
So that was my day in a village on the Western coast.....
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
Dalai Lama


Good Bye Amarte asi, Frijolito Welcome El Diablo...

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello World!
Last Friday, Amarte asi, Frijolito ended (well like always on a happy ending)....finally Ignacio was able to marry Margarita...but kinda felt sorry for Francisco, he was the only one alone without a partner in the last shoot....
So since yesterday, Más Sabe el Diablo has made its entry....
In Más Sabe el Diablo, we will be having as leading actress Gabriela Espino (she plays the role of Luna in the telenovela LUNA LA HEREDERA.)
and as leading actor Jencarlos Cadena .....
Más Sabe el Diablo theme revolves around crime and street gangs where the leading actor is himself a thief...well this telenovela appears quite promising....

  • Plot:
The story starts on Esperanza Salvador, working as the maid in the Acero household in Mexico where she turns to be pregnant for the son of the household. The Acero family and especially Graciela, Martín's mother, disapprove and takes Esperanza to an abortion clinic. Esperanza escapes the abortion clinic with the help of the driver and goes to a Graciela's friend's home.
Determined to fight for Martín's love, Esperanza steals money, her passport, and visa and escapes to New York City to search for Martín Acero. But Esperanza's life turns upside down when a group of men steal her purse with her money, passport, and visa.
Left with nothing, Esperanza gave birth to a baby son Ángel and raise him in New York.
Years later, the streets become a second home for Ángel, where everyone knows him as the Devil (El Diablo) for his traffic as a thief which in the end he pays for with a jail sentence. He then meets Manuela Dávila, an attractive lawyer, who represents him in his case. She pleads with the judge to let him go free and give him a new opportunity to start a new life.
But everything changes when he returns to the Cave (La Cueva), a bar where Ángel lives where he discovers that his mother is indebted to León, the leader of the gang he has always worked for. León had paid for Ángel's mother’s medical expenses while he was in jail, and the only way to repay the debt is for Ángel to be involved in a robbery at a charity event.
Ángel and the rest of the gang have to steal jewellery from the show room. Unable to refuse León's requirements, Ángel's only option is to organize the robbery. However, fate plays a trick of love when that night changes his life forever.
Have found some interesting summary of the whole of Más Sabe el Diablo
Check it down,telenovelas-2009,305476.html,el-diablo,339532.html

Well today I end on the last chapter of Amarte asi, Frijolito (gonna miss Frijolito)


In the world of Gypsies

>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello World!
Gypsy, gitane, bohemian,....
all those names resonate the sound of freedom and from all societal conventions, norms....
Whenever I used to think about Gypsies, my reflection was limited to the character of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of the Notre Dame’ movie.... I always wanted to dance like her....
But behind the facade of those road nomads lay a world of culture and history
Don’t know about you but this world does fascinate me....
Gypsies ancestors are said to be originated from the north of India where a group of people left the country between AD 800 and 950 before spreading themselves across countries like Egypt and Europe...
Always roaming on the road, the lifestyle of the Gypsies was not to the like of everyone...usually unwelcomed where they set their wagons; they were badly perceived and were given a negative reputation and image...
The Gypsies usually make up their life by doing small jobs or hawking but they were famous for their singing and dancing talent...
Imagine yourself around a bonfire while a group of gypsies would be singing and playing their musical instrument while the women would be dancing....I would have loved to experience this one day...
050b Magical Music by Bonfire2
We cannot talk about the Gypsies without mentioning their belief in being able to foreseen the future...
The methods used to read and see the future are:

  • Palm reading
  • Tea leaves
  • Crystal ball
  • Tarot cards
If you wanna more info on Gypsies, check out this blog dedicated to them:
True or not, I would have loved to have the dancing grace of the Gypsy woman and the ability to read the future in the Tarot cards
I end today on the video teaser of the new song of Shakira (with the tennisman Rafael Nadal)
Gitana - Avance 30" - shakira


There are things that are not meant to be wordless

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello World

Today, my reflections were about things that sometimes I feel so hard to say face-to-face


Like I never quite understand why people pay tribute to people only when they are dead not when they were alive so that at least they could know that they do matter to people...


So to my friends:

I know you will recognise yourself (am so happy that you do read my Blog LOL)...thanks for accepting me as your friend and being there for me....I may never have told you but I won’t ever forget our bus trip from Port Louis to UOM when we have to rush to lecture even we were always so late...the little chitchat that we have on the bus, in the garden at La Rue St Georges, at uni and on email (really love this one)....or the day we prefer to skip our lecture on Press during the colonial period to go to KFC...


thanks for being so wonderful persons and for all your advises esp when I really fail at doing presentation ;p I know you girls are gonna be really wonderful women ....thanks for being you


I end today on this song (girls, it remind me of us)



Valentine day : day of love and love

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello World!

Today is valentine day....the day of lovers where everywhere we go we will see couples walking hand in hand, roses, where shops will be overflowed with red decor...and when we can feel love in the air....


That’s of course the little prank of Cupidon or Cupid love arrows on us:poor mortal....


The Greek will be surely glorying Eros, God of Love&Passion


and Aphrodite goddess of love, beauty


and Apollo, God of poetry


for lending some of his muse to us mortals to write some love poems : )


I wish everyone a Happy Valentine ... and have a special thought to people who are single, or who have recently lost a loved one....

Quote of the day:




p.s: kung shee fat choy to all people celebrating the Chinese New Year….



Legends behind Thunder and Lighting

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello World
These past few days, rain, thunder & lighting had been bookmarking themselves on a frequent basis on the Mauritius Climate agenda...
So I wondered what was the mystery behind the thunder & lighting?... after crawling the web to unlock the mystery behind, I came up with these explanations....

  • The very serious explanation (the rationale one):
It’s all a matter of atmospheric change and conditions and had found that there are many disciplines devoted to Lighting research:
• Atmospheric Physics and Electrostatics
• Electrical Engineering
• Climatology, including thunderstorm morphology & dynamics
• Meteorology
But man has also tried to explain certain natural events by creating myths....
According to Wikipedia:’ Polytheistic peoples of many cultures have postulated a thunder god, the personification or source of the forces of thunder and lightning. Frequently, the thunder god is known as the chief or king of the gods, for example Indra in Hinduism, Zeus in Greek mythology and Perun in ancient Slavic religion or otherwise a close relation, for example Thor, son of Odin, in Norse mythology.’
Here are some legends have found:
  • The mythical explanation (the fantastical one):
A jump in Greece (Greek Myth)
The Greek God of Thunder is in the personification of Zeus portrayed with his weapon the Thunderbolt.
The legend behind Zeus’s Thunderbolt started with the birth of the 3 Cyclopes (kyklopes): Brontes (thunder), Steropes (lighting) and Arges (flash), gigantic one eyed monters, sons of Gaia (earth) and Ouranos (the sky).
Upon their birth, Ouranos locked up the 3 Cyclopes where was confined their stormy brothers (the Hekatonkheires). Gaia outraged and angry, devised a plan to free all her sons. The Epic then narrates that Ouranos was defeated by the Titans but they too locked again the Cyclopes this time in the Hades (hell). Zeus and his brothers then came to the rescue of the Cyclopes and released them.
As a reward, the Cyclopes gave Zeus the weapon of thunder and lightning in the form of the thunderbolts.
The ancient Greek believed that the thunder noise was the sound made of the Cyclopes forging with their hammer the thunderbolts of Zeus and the lighting was the anger of Zeus over the mortals. So, whenever lighting stroke at a place, a temple was build so at to appease the anger of the Gods.
  • Direction to Sweden (Viking Legend):
The Norse God of Thunder is in the personification of Thor, son of Odin and Jord, the earth goddess. Thor was usually portrayed as a big and powerful man with a red beard, flowing hair and lighting eyes with his weapon, a hammer the Mjollnir.
The legend narrates that during a thunderstorm, Thor would be seen riding on his Chariot across the sky(explaining the noise of thunder) and would be smashing along his Mjollnir which would be flashing lighting. .
  • Final stop to China (Chinese legend):
The Chinese believed that the sky was ruled by Lei Tsu (the Ancestor of Thunder), Lei Kung (the God of Thunder), Tien Mu (the Mother of Lightning), Feng Po (the God of Wind) and Y Shih (the Master of Rain).
The legend tells that the Spirit of Thunder, an ugly black bat demon with clawed feet, monkey head and eagle beck, hold in one hand a steel chisel and in the other one, a hammer with which he would be beating numerous drums around him producing the terrible noise of thunder.
Lighting is said to be produced by Tien Mu, female divinity holding a mirror (which each one represents the yin and the yang) in each hand which produces two flashes of lighting when rubbing both mirrors.
Whatever the explanation provided for thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning just scary and terrible...
I wish all Pilgrims good luck and wish all of you a Pious Maha Shivaratri...
If you wanna know more about this festival, check out this post written by a blogger
Today I won’t end on a quote but on two fan-made video of Twilight 3...


....and God created Friends....

>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello world!

Yesterday Uni resumed...and it was just fabulous....

The lecture was supposed to start at 13.00 so no need to tell you about the rush and speedy things did to be on time


At 11.45 I left home and got a bus as soon step on the bus stop (at that time thank my luck) and few minutes later receive a sms from a classmate informing me that the lecture had been re-scheduled at 16.00 (no need to tell you how I felt at that very moment) so I got down on the next bus stop and walked back home under that harsh sun (the heat just terrible and unbearable these days)


At 14.30, re-hurry back to the bus stop under that terrible sun....

Heat Exhaustion 2

and finally met my uni pals after so much time...seeing each other were really good...

So many girly gossips to tell and to relate...


After the office gossip.... we came to talk about the diabolic invention: the dissertation (1 month left before the Jour J)


But it was just mega great to see everyone and this semester module seems cool too (on planning: politics agenda, media, ideology etc)


Am still not realising that it’s eventually my last semester at final 4th year at uni...but gonna enjoy the max the few months left...


So from now, gonna look forward to each Tuesday


"Books and friends should be few but good."



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