Google Wave the New Way to tune the Web 2.0

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello World,

Google Wave…
Nice label and so many interpretations….
When I first heard the term I just thought it was another browser interface but how wrong was I …(LOL an ignorant like me)
So I did some quick research on it and find those findings:
Wikipedia - Google Wave is "a personal communication and collaboration tool" announced by Google at the Google I/O conference on May 27, 2009. It is a web-based service, computing platform, and communications protocol designed to merge e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and social networking. It has a strong collaborative and real-time focus supported by extensions that can provide, for example, robust spelling/grammar checking, automated translation between 40 languages, and numerous other extensions.
In other words, it is one of the forthcoming tool for the folksonomy culture of the Web 2.0 to enhance more social online participation and collaboration from users to enhance platform and also for collective knowledge and intelligence.
If you want a free Google Wave invites, check this free contest kindly offered by the Web Design Bureau of Mauritius -
Contest closed by Wednesday November 4, 2009 at midnight ….
So hurry up


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