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>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello World!


Glam, Vanity, Fashion statement .... remind me of strass and paillette and the thrilling world of fashion

Don’t know about you but it’s been sometime have observed this fashion craze affecting people....its worst than HAN1 (maybe it’s me who is kinda not in line LOL....know it’s a hard statement or assumption)

When I look around me instead of finding multiplicity or personality statement via clothes (know fashion is an art) as the clothing style reflects the so-called personality style and attitude....well am starting to doubt... instead am finding a crowd of fashion clones or standardization(same clothing style (from top to bottom), hair styles and attitudes)


So where are we going?

Girls- right now the inevitable slim jean along with the emo style with the usual ballerine shoes or high heels (even some seem they gonna slip at any time) with the straight hair usually in an emo haircut (so straight that sometimes I feel wind or breeze won’t be able to move it)


Boys – the tectonic style kinda outdated now...anyway with the baggy or some tight or slim jeans (I don’t understand why you guys get to show your boxer what fashionable in that) and the emo haircut



Everywhere from the malls, streets, uom gosh am seeing so many fashion may be an art but also leading to fascism dictating lifestyles and attitudes and so materialist...always to be trendy having the latest clothes or accessories...we becoming slaves to it...sometimes even grotesque....


Even the teens are already brain-washed at an earlier stage with the Hanna Montana


or Selena Gomez generation


...will they become like the Bratz living for fashion sake and be the fashion princess barbie like High School Musical ...


Am not implying that everyone should stop taking care of their body but to what extent can we go to be fashionable .....


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That remind me of the song Ca m’enerve de Helmut Fritz(it will suit this post LOL)

Beware of  Fashion Faux Pas :-)




morinn October 30, 2009 at 2:12 AM  

I'm not a fashion victim or slave. I don't plan what I'll be wearing in advance and I'm not addicted to shopping. However I do love Selena Gomez' style. I think she's awesome!

Gaia October 30, 2009 at 11:02 AM  

LOL that true teens fashion is very stylish nowadays...I cant deny that :-p

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