>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello World!
There are times when you really feel the need to refill yourself mentally and physically….
These days, am just dreaming and day-dreaming about being lost on an isolated island…cut from the 24 hr / 7 days negative breaking news, from society, from everyone….


I dream of finding the peace in myself … no more minding with the tickling clock of time and life…lazing under a balancing hammock…face to the winds…under the playful shadows of some trees….the waves crashing and mumbling against the shore….


Or floating on the constant swinging moves of the ocean…face to the blue sky…free and liberate…letting the flow to carry you…


The irresistible call of evasion… like the mesmerizing song of the sirens tempting and tormenting Ulysses and his crew…


This is my return to myself….my daily dreamy escapade….


I end today on one of my favorite poems - The Emerald Sea


Some quiet evening when the tide is low
I shall slip my mooring and sail away
With no response to the friendly hail
Of kindred craft in the busy bay

In the silent hush of the twilight pale
When the night stoops down to embrace the day
And the voices call in the waters’ flow
Some quiet evening when the tide is low
I shall slip my mooring and sail away

Through the purpling shadows that darkly trail
Over the ebbing tide of the Emerald sea
I shall fare me away, with a dip of sail
 And a ripple of water to tell the tale
Of a lonely voyager sailing away
To the Mystic isles where at anchor lay
The crafts of those who have sailed before
Over the Emerald sea to the unknown shores

A few who have watched me sail away
Will miss my craft from the busy bay
Some friendly ships that were anchored near
Some loving souls that my heart hold dear
In silent sorrow will drop a tear
But I shall have peacefully furled my sails
In moorings sheltered from storm or gale
And greeted the friends who have sailed before
Over the Emerald sea to the unknown shore



When Uni days are over

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello World!

When Uni days are over, we are left with some many memories….


Last Friday at this very moment I would have been stressed as it was my last paper (finally)….

To immortalize this moment, I have taken a snap of my classmates (yeah we manage to smile even it was 8minutes before we were having exams)


After that, no lecture, presentation or exams….thought it was gonna be great (been waiting for this day since I enrolled) but now am missing so much of this side of Uni life….

My friend sent me a sms this morning and got the idea of writing this post cos we both are feeling the same thing …. We are missing ourselves, our laughter, nos petites mimique, the small girly gossips and secrets, nos dialogues bien de chez nous that only us could understand…around the famous tree near the Cafeteria….


Think the best time when we had the film assignment… we had to write the story boards, the dialogue, do the shooting, do the editing….but it was our small moment of fame and glory…beaucoup d’emotion forte, beaucoup de fous rires avec les best of et la phrase mythique :et les dossiers?


I know we can meet, there is facebook, sms, email, phone but it won’t be the same…..

Am missing you girls….Ari et tes dialogues qui déchirent grave & Caro avec ses répliques


I end today on the new song and a fan made clip of Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)




When electro and tango is fusioned this results into this….

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello World!

Like any dance, tango is an art…

Who doesn’t love the sensual and exotic tempo and beat of the tango dance…it is so mesmerizing and beautiful to watch…the sexy game between the two dancers…how they move ,play and flirt seductively…


I think the two best shot of the tango dance is in the movie ‘Take the Lead’ featuring Antonio Banderas…


when I first watched these sequences just dream to dance like this….

So, this was my love at first sight with tango…later I came across this band: Gotan Project….was in love with tango…


With the fusion of electro music and tango music…the combination result with a slide of traditional and modern taste…. sensual and dynamic….


Gotan Project – Diferente

Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango

So let’s tango




>> Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello World !
This Thursday will be my last day at uni (also my last test)…Finally I can say it aloud or scream it: Have done it!!! Have been able to complete the course….
Most of my friends are relatively relieved as they won’t be any assignment, lectures, exams or presentation pending on them…
But am sad…
Am gonna miss those lectures which I always want them to end the moment they start or the hectic way we usually do our presentation but it will be mostly my classmates who am gonna miss the most…
Know it’s not the end but the beginning at that education does not end at a degree but will I have again such class or classmates?
Now am looking (or should I say hunting) for a job… after having been jobless for almost a year, can say it is so difficult to find yourself a job these days…so frustrating and stressful…
So am in the melancholy mood reminding myself all the times not to think about the past and move forward…but kinda hard…
Did you even ask yourself if you had made the right choice? But then realize it’s kinda too late…but you still keep pondering what gonna be the outcome of this life….
This is what am up to those days….it is so easy to dwell in your sleep and dream rather than wake up and face life and its reality…dreams are so comforting and better (.Note to myself: to stay away from those happy-ending books or movies….)…
I think it is easier to believe in lies and illusion which are more subtle and seductive than the truth…
So am stuck in this impasse….


The swearing world

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello World!

While doing some research on the web came across this website on my favorites links:

That remind me of my ex work colleagues… there was a trainee from Amsterdam which was in internship for 4 months and guess what he wanted to learn first … our Creole swear words …when I heard him one day swearing well I just could not kept laughing ….


For many days, we kept joking about that, we even printed it and one of them said it was his bible and that we should email it to clients LOL

Just to sum swear is human and think that whenever we are the biggest CEO am sure everyone does swear daily....

I find it intriguing that swearing words are forming part of our daily conversation... from the pop songs to cartoons we are surrounded with swears words....


So what the big deal if we swear...

Am not implying that we need to have a swear generation but its a kinda inevitable that even we don’t teach our kids to swear, the environment itself is not swear proof...


So keep swearing but moderately


For the Twilight fans:

  • The second trailer for Eclipse
  • Some Sneak Peak Eclipse scenes


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