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>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello World!
The message is especially for the ladies who are in search of some glimpse of romance in their life…well Mr Prince Charming is still an utopian figure… that’s why God made a human create the line of romance book LOL….so those who are like me always trying to escape the daily stress and love reality and wanna dream for some hours and times….we always go and evade ourselves in the fictitious life created by romance books… Harlequin, Mills and Boons, Silhouette …those are my anti stress balls ( or books lol)…..
Why not a turn in the wonderful world of a dashing Sheik or a Greek God Looking kind (Adonis) or in the hot Italian and Spanish….the dashing tall guy, always muscularly built with killer look who is not sexy but knows the right words and ways2 a heart girl J….. I almost wish they were real LOL….
But we need such fiction to create some hopes lol…..
Romance books have also evolved over times….the story play and even the characters have evolved…a new serie of book in the Mills and Boons have found birth to project the image of the modern woman….
Romance books might not be written by scholars but every story is fascinating even if the hero is a super billionaire, sexy like hell and always having a happy ending but the writer also gives us a glimpse of some cultures like Greek or Italian culture…you will know about their gastronomy and language… I even know how to greet someone in Greek (thanks to Mills and Boon)
On the other hand, romance books are also a container full of bias and stereotype images… the guy always the hero saving the helpless woman…the macho type and the mega super rich guy(in most cases)… I never read a story where the guy was medium height and the ordinary type (so no romance for such type of guys then LOL)….this might create an image model of Mr Prince Charming….and I haven’t yet come with the heroine part…always so perfect and angel like…sometime it kinda suck cos wanna some steel-kind of heroine LOL who is always hopelessly in love…craving for love….
The best – its about love….desire…romance….we all wish to be romance and love by someone like this…he might not be a Mr Muscles and mega rich…but just some little romance hmmm….
Mills and Boons has a range of books genre to suit your different moods ladies
Modern : Focus on being glamorous and 'sophisticated' passionate romance.
Romance: Warm and emotional novels that focus on capturing the feeling of falling in love. romance
Blaze: Very sexual. Featuring couples in contemporary romantic relationships as they embark on sexual adventures and fantasy journeys.
By Request: Revived romantic novels from modern or romance.
Medical: Contemporary romances set against the background of the medical profession
Historical: Romance set in a specific historical time and place, for example 1920s
Desire: Daring provocative and sensual love stories,
Special Moments: Compelling romances packed with emotion, tackling sensitive issues while embracing the romantic ideal that love can conquer all. in
Intrigue: Romance suspense at its best: Danger, deception and desire
Spotlight: three bestselling novels in one volume by favourite authors back by popular demand Featuring novels from Silhouette series favorites, Special Edition, Sensation and Desire.
And if you are like me who cannot afford a monthly subscription LOL or buy romance book regularly(damn expensive here LOL)
Try out those links:……
So if ever a gentleman reading my post LOL J you know now what you must do lol
My bf already got used to the fact that whenever I passed in front of a library he knows that he would have to wait for 30 mins LOL….what to do for love and romance hmmm LOL
Happy reading


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