World Aids Day

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello World!


Tomorrow will be World Aids Day.



I won’t be recalling you the high rates of Aids patients per country (and dislike the stereotype image of Aids=Africa) as Aids is everywhere it doesn’t look at your skin color, your social status or your persona it just affects everyone


So on the Aids World day, let pay a tribute to all those people who are affected by this virus, having courage or some losing it in this long painful fight aids-patient

where you are somehow blacklisted in society where most people turn their back to you, isolating you or running away when seeing you or afraid of even touching or using the objects of Aids patient.


As the French would say: c’est le regard des gens qui tue

Most of us don’t really care cos its not part of our life or affecting our family or relatives and we feel somewhat safe in our little bubble but Aids is faceless we don’t really know when, where, in whom the virus is incubating


Better stand up with them in this fight and give them our moral support and try to reduce the span of HIV patients

   By having protected sex


Mutual trust and fidelity towards both partners

Using clean syringe


Be honest to your partner if you have Aids (there was a guy who cheated on his fiancée and discovered he had Aids afterwards but he is going to hide this from her fiancée and go ahead with the marriage and due to confidentiality statement, my friend could not inform his fiancée)


Today, we are having better treatment but hopefully one day someone will discover a Vaccine






On this 1 December, let us light the Aids candle for all these people…



Revision the good and bad pal of some weeks

>> Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello World!

sapna rev

While reading Morinn post , I realise  that its high time for me to start my revision as in 2 weeks i.e on 10 December, have exams...

Don’t know about you but when it comes to revision, am always lazy LOL

Always when have managed to this very will to go and revise then something more pleasant will tempt me like a nice movie on TV


or my sis will come in my room and will start talking like a parrot and my very bad lazy nature...


How I usually revise:

Mostly at night stopping at 23.30 as revision will put me KO really can’t sleep for some time and then wake up at 2 or 3am to revise (really need to sleep)


In the morning there is always the TV or my virtual pet on FB temptation; so revise for a very very few moments LOL (am a hopeless case i know: p)


Here are some tips on how to revise some teachers gave me and my class:

Chemistry teacher - Make a planning and a timetable on all subjects you have to revise


Chemistry teacher As you study, jot the main ideas (in your own words) on some paper this help you in reminding key words and things


Psychology lecturer – always take a pause of 5-10 mins as you just can’t keep revising and over absorbing things


Picture what you are learning nonstop as a dense traffic where all will be jammed and will be waiting for their turn to be absorbed (now if you are a geek or a genius: p)


The pause will help for allowing fluidity in your brain for better assimilation


My advice: your mind should not be restless and preoccupied thinking of other things


Adopt the zen attitude (i usually listen to ambient music like Enya )


this helps me to calm down and tranquilize my mind and self or do something that usually help you to relax (some like to study while watching TV or listening to music)


That’s some few tips I got....hope they will kinda help you...

To all those who have exams and are going through revision: all the best


sapna rev2


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello World!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Even here we don’t celebrate it and have little knowledge of this festival, from what I have read and seen on TV, I know that Thanksgiving has a lot of symbolism especially in the US.

Originally, this was a harvest festival that the colony held out to thank God for helping them faced the harsh winter.


Today, I believed that Thanksgiving Day is a family gathering day where people find time in their so busy life schedule to grant their family, friends and relatives some of their time and themselves for a day or few days. Think that’s what wonderful in this festival the fact that it brings people together, joy, happiness and the sense of sharing.


The traditional homemade Thanksgiving menu often features turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. (Wish I was invited in such a meal LOL)


which the women usually would be preparing

3 wo cooking 5

while the men would be watching an American football match on TV (if am not mistaken LOL)


Hope one day will celebrate Thanksgiving .

Enjoy yourself and have a nice Thanksgiving feast (which am sure will be very good LOL lucky you)




When warning rings at your doorbell

Hello World!


Since last week. A wave (or tsunami) of


demotivation, laziness and stress swept me away and am still dwelling in it trying to surface out of this wave...


But today think I dive back again it this abyss

floating girl

Today all my classmates got a nice dissertation notice by email that remind us of many things that can’t deny are really important and that ring your alarm bells in you ...


Maybe it was meant to wake us from our lazy sleepy bubble with a big bucket of cold water


And it really worked as today am more stressed, over worried....


Hopefully my muse will come back as am in big need of inspiration as am having blank mind and can’t even concentrate to write a few words...


I really hope you are in a better mood than me




>> Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello World!

On Sunday, my cousin got married....


So let me start at the beginning....

Early morning my sister woke up early (very rare on a Sunday) to go to the hair stylist...the marriage was scheduled at 13.30....


So after the ritual blabla of getting ready) we finally left home at 12.30

Like usual there was a dense traffic on the road so begin the time of road rage where every driver was on the nerves


horning like some mad people some swearing or starting to lose control when seeing some stupid drivers having obstruct the passage with their vehicle causing more traffic...


Well after 20 minutes we finally were able to move forward....

We arrive there around 13.25 and the bride was already there and not the bridegroom....

So after some times, the bridegroom arrived and the ceremony started...

It began with an abrupt start...

After some minutes, the priest seems quite lost going through his little notepad many times


and taking a pause of 5—10 minutes each times and everybody in the hall was kinda lost as the priest....

I find it funny LOL especially when the priest present the mic in front of my cousin to repeat and when he is about to talk he just snatched it away LOL


and I nearly dozed off there just sitting there (I forgot my mobile home) and was feeling hungry, thirsty


And then my little cousin of 3 yrs old came to sit on my knees saying aloud that I had stolen her cake LOL...

And suddenly the wedding ended and no one even knows and was glancing at each other wondering when it ended...

But the bride and bridegroom were really beautiful and so happy :- ) think that’s what matter


So that was my Sunday at my cousin wedding....

Today I went to the wedding reception; it was held in some kind of like yesterday, there was again the  ritual blabla of getting ready at 17.00 everyone was ready and headed to the party...


Yesterday the bride was dressed in the Indian way


but today surprise surprise she wears the traditional white bride dress and was looking very pretty


The place was great nice view and nature surrounding you (unfortunately didn’t bring my mob or camera) and the food was also great....

I really had a nice time from Friday to today :-p

My dream marriage:

well always wanted it to be held on a cliff


with a built-in tent


With torch all the way long


With very few guests all dressed in white

I, wearing a long white dress with flowers in my hair

And my future hubby also in white

And then partying afterwards on the beach around a bonfire

Anyway its will be in 6 years that gonna marry so better return back to reality :-p




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