Time when I miss not having a laptop

>> Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello World!


Am not a high tech guru having the latest gadget and technology at hand but there are days when I really missed the laptop that I got when I used to work…

Let me do a very small recap…


For 2 years and a half had been working I always worked on the traditional desktop pc and it was this year that I was offered a laptop

Well first the manager asked me if I wanted a laptop I told him NO (you must think am stupid to refuse)…

Well am damn thinned as a stick LOL and seeing how my other ex work colleagues usually fussed for having a laptop esp when to carry it esp under the hot sun of Port Louis I refused…

The manager asked me why…I told him honestly that don’t have the necessary energy to carry such thing…


He told me to do some exercises cos being a marketing officer, I would have to do product demonstration etc...so I would got a laptop even I refused

Well after 4 days I got the laptop


OMG it was heavy to carry, my shoulder suffered so much … I don’t have a car and I had to walk quite a long distance to the bus stop (the company was located in a ‘trou perdu’ in port Louis)


Well then I also discovered the laziness side of the laptop I no more have to sit at a desk (like am doing)…could surf on the web on my bed…it was the good days…I put aside my home desktop pc LOL 


Bad side – I got additional work also – had to check the damn work email and do more work…..


Since morning am working on the PC

And like always am having a damn back ache and that hurt quite a lot…



So, those are the times I wished I still worked LOL just to have the laptop LOL and to surf and work on the bed :-p



p.s: next time am going to work…first thing on my list will be a laptop


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