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>> Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello World!

Today am going to play a small game I found in a post on Lady Angele blog ...

Well the game is all about sharing the likes and dislikes of the month LOL

Sound cool....

Usually the post must be written for the first Sunday of the month but being the start can break the rule for today LOL :- )

Here we go for this month

I Like: that my BF is graduating this very Wednesday November 11, 2009... youpi :- )

Am so happy for him cos he deserves it


I Don’t Like: being asked constantly why I resigned from work when it’s already 3 months now that I have resigned


I want you to know: it’s so wonderful when I saw that someone in the world is reading my post and if ever have been able to help you somehow that’s make my day LOL


I’ve planned: to send some emails to my future interviewees for my survey and do the best to write my introduction and literature review by this month


I want to say to someone special: well to my BF if ever he is reading this post for forgiving me for all my mistakes and for giving me and especially us a last chance despite the rude and damn way I treated him...Love you so much


Have a nice week everyone and keep dropping by my blog time to time




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