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>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello World!
The Gardener‘s Daughter telenovela has ended (always sad when a serial ends) and has left its place for a new serial or telenovela : Roman de La Vie or Paginas Da Vida…
I already watched Roman de La Vie and most people who watched it well they all agreed its just one of the best telenovela I ever watched  and as the main title suggests its about the little up and down of life where the characters will be facing so many day-to-day situations (sprinkle with the usual romance, joy, lies, vanity and sadness of life..)that many of us are facing
The main themes that are dealt  in this telenovela are:

  • Alcoholism
  • Racism
  • Money
  • Extra marital affair
  • Trisomic
  • Anorexia
It all started with the marriage of Olivia coming from a rich family and Slyvio, an army pilot
while Helena is ditched by her lover Greg and is heart-broken as she lost her only child a long time ago and now lost her love and is totally lost…
Nanda and Leo young and passionately in love and when she turns out to be pregnant, Leo not wanting any obstacle at this age, doesn’t accept that pregnancy and left her…
You will also meet Anna, an anorexic mother obsessed with her weight, obliging her daughter Giselle to nearly starve herself by just eating diet food at her age just to realize her mum dream: to be a ballet dancer…and the photographer Isabel falling in love
with the photographer Renato, who is married.(even its gonna be an affair you will just adore this couple)...

the alcoholism of Bira whose life is destroyed due to his drinking habit and jealousy who will lose his wife but whose daughter gonna fight with him against alcoholism (remarkable daughter not to miss those episodes)
Jorge, the sexiest actor in this telenovela (just love him LOL) who will break some girls heart in this film.
.deeply in love with Simone who plays the hard to get and being chased by the vixen Sandra (the story bitch)
And so many more ( trust me at the start there are so many characters that you are completely lost…)
The main key in this story plot will be Nanda’s twin and the major story will run on those characters involve with them…
Check out the link below, this blogger perfectly explained with all details all aspects of the telenovela along with all episodes….
Resumes or episodes :
The songs I just loved in this telenovela:
Anytime - Kelly Clarkson - (thème de Kelly et  Sérgio)

Para Tu Amor - Juanes (theme of Thelma & George when those lovebirds will be together)

One Last Cry - Marina Elali (theme of  Nanda during her sad times)

Se Quiser (Anytime) - Tânia Mara(theme of Isabel when Renato will come to court(pursue LOL)  her
I hope you gonna love this telenovela cos for once you not gonna waste your time and its just a wonderful telenovela in which you gonna laugh,cry, get on your nerves…a mix feelings but a not-to-missed ones…


ASL November 20, 2009 at 4:34 AM  


nice article :D but i think your blog is quite too tiny and make the articles go longer :D

Between my blog is back! And i released my photoblog @

Gaia November 20, 2009 at 6:23 AM  

LOL if only know how to adjust the size LOL
thanks and welcome back then :-p

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