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>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello World!


Am writing my first wiki page for an assignment scheduled for this very Wednesday…

First thing what is a wiki?

Usually people associate wiki with Wikipedia which is not totally wrong as Wikipedia is among the well-known wiki platform …

So wiki is one of the voluntary platform or tool of the Web 2.0 where users create and edit pages found on wiki platforms which combines participatory, collective intelligence and knowledge sharing the moment the page is edited and updated by users.


To summarize, this powers a collaborative cell which promotes a common and open platform.


Gaia wiki:

Well, my page will be on Twitter…which is so famous this day…everyone is tweeting and re-tweeting…(apart me LOL)


The fact that the class already has a page on a wiki platform, I didn’t have to create the whole thing…I just have to add a new page to it…but that’s not that easy…

  1. You have to sign up
  2. Then enter a page where you can be a member and you have two options:
  • Post either a thread – to start a discussion
  • Edit a page – when you update or modify it….

Ours is on

The content process:

  • Get a topic
  • The content should be short (not long as my post :-p), precise and to-the-point
  • Reference your sources (no copy-paste LOL)

My work:

Was kinda in the lazy mood this week…am still working on the literature review…so it was today that I wrote the work….

Have to strained my little brain (the low IQ I got LOL) and try to paraphrase the info I got and the fact that Twitter is on the hot news bench there are thousands articles and so many interesting stuff and had to limit myself….


After spending 3 hours on it and also watching ‘the haunting in the Connecticut movie’ (find it scary) I managed to write something….

So a wiki indeed make me grin, blink, think and wimp :- )


Have a nice week




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