Les coups de gueule et les fous rires d’aujourd’hui

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello World !
There are days when it’s better to remain in bed or you get out of it LOL
Well today i.e. Wednesday is the only day when I usually grace my presence on the UOM campus as it’s the only day I had lecture for this semester and meet my dissertation supervisor (which is becoming very rare am seeing some kind of storm coming LOL)
So today have both ‘des coups de guele’ and ‘des fous rires’
Coups de gueule :
coup de gueule

First thing, my sister started to yell at me ordering me to go to buy a damn black slim jean before I went to lecture…today I needed to go earlier cos have to some printing and she didn’t understand that her jean was the main priority….I just wanted to yell is TAKEN FOR GRANTED WRITTEN ON MY FOREHEAD…but being a pacifist person, I canalized all the negative karma and I decided to leave all the documents at a printing outlet near my place told the guy will fetch them in the afternoon and I rushed to buy that damn jean…sometimes she just got on my nerves that sis of mine
During lecture pause, some were just telling me SHHH
whenever I was trying to explain a concept to my friend I was wanted to reply back
KLSB-2202 Swear-Box
Today the class ended earlier so I rushed on the bus stop…. I waited under that burning hot sun for more than one hour for the Vacoas bus to come (a very rare bus) and when it finally came into view no need to tell you there was the a crowd rush and a girl was obstructing my way she was walking as if she was on a catwalk (both sides were crowded)
and due to her, I got to stand and she got a damn seat…those are the days I wish I had a car or I lived at Port Louis where there are always so many buses and no rush….
But there always some good things that happen to me…Wednesday is also the day when I meet my friends who kinda like me…as you would have noticed I always put many LOL and happy smiley well cos in real life am always laughing and smiling and I don’t like seriousness and my friends are kinda like me always fooling around and laughing….
First Fou rire –
when a classmate was looking for a concept which was widget but thinking aloud he said we could find it at KFC I was amazed and was thinking what that damn concept we used on web platform when he said NUGGETS
Trust me I just burst laughing and kept nagging him with that asking him to show me how to plug a ‘nugget’ on a website LOL
2nd one – when Ari one of my classmate told me about her dreamland which she will named ARILAND(land to pronounce in French LOL)
Well Ariland will be a small island where the national color will be the pink attitude
National anthem: Womanizer – Britney Spears

It will be the Baccus of the modern times with the fashion and party attitude
and where ‘les moches ne seront pas admises’
and the main slogan will be ‘qui m’aime me suivre’
that really make me laughed when thinking of Ariland
and the last ones were the following parodies:
parodie de ca m’enerve – ca m’excite

parodie of wanna be - spice girls



Dhaneesha November 6, 2009 at 1:34 AM  

Tough day dude :P but ur rite, even if there are ups and down, don't stop smiling and continue to have fun...nuggets joke was nice!

Gaia November 6, 2009 at 5:59 AM  

ya you right that's the spirit we should always smile :-p nugget joke was indeed a great one which I wont ever forget LOL

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