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>> Friday, November 13, 2009

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‘SOS d’un terrien en détresse’ is the title song of former French singer Daniel Balavoine but I prefer the singing version of Gregory Lemarchal…the song is about someone who felt bad in his/her skin not finding his/her place in this world wishing to be a bird and living in another world….

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So this post is for those who feel sometimes bad in their own skin, those felt that no one ever understand them….


I wanted to write about suicide when I read a post from a classmate also a blogger and that reminded me of a painful memory when I was in secondary school…don’t know why it touched and still touches me like this… I will always remember this day…I had arrived at school around 07.30 (know kinda early) and my pal was near the school gate… I didn’t make a few steps in when she told me that x had died…I just didn’t believe it and told her to stop joking when I had seen her 1 or 2 day ago very full of life and healthy…. And then I knew it was the truth…many rumors were already spreading about her death but then we knew it wasn’t a natural death as they wanted to make us believe….


I never understood and still don’t understand why she did that…she was so famous, a nice girl with so such a lively personality always in the party mood…I would never forget that despite we weren’t that close, she would always say Hi whenever she saw me at school or on the streets… and it was during her mass we had for her to say our goodbye to her that we all realized the messages she was trying to send…her constant writing about death, the music she was listening to, the drawings she was making….but it was too late…


You guys who are reading this post…many view suicide as an act of cowardice….but even I don’t justify it I believe we should not just point our finger at them…I think some way they are courageous…even so many of us sometime wanna give up…we couldn’t make it till a bridge to jump from…I always wondered where did they find the will to decide it was today they are going to leave and knowing there won’t be any return back…


For the Japanese, it is seen as a ritual called Seppuku where it is not regarded as a crime or sin, for Hinduism, it is believed that when giving up life without having fulfill the life cycle, then your soul will err having no place on earth as somehow it has affected the spiritual balance and the soul will err till s/he was supposed to die and then s/he will be reincarnated to live again to finish the previous lifecycle s/he terminated before it was due…


So many beliefs on them and still many are committing this act… think somewhere we are part of the reasons for not judging them, the society itself being largely at fault and ‘le regard des gens qui tue’… those people wont ever ask for help but will be sending you indirect signals or clues…whenever you saw your friend, colleague or relative sad, quiet, evasive …talk to her/him…we never know you might be saving her/him…


In Mauritius, unfortunately, we perceived psychology made for ‘mad’ people good for alyssum… I believe it’s a great science and therapy that can help so many people…


I was kinda shocked to learn from my psy lecturer that some prostitutes washed their skin till it kinda peeled as they thought their bodies are so dirtied and they had to remove that dirt…another thing we kinda always judge and pin-point rather trying to understand what push those people to go to this last resort…


In Mauritius we have Befrienders an association trying to help those people who are in need to be listen to…

Befrienders worldwide -

Mauritius –

Helpline 1: 800 93 93
Helpline 2: 467 01 60
Email Helpline:


so many of us are so busy and having no time to listen to the ‘SOS d’un terrien en détresse’ of so many people


To those people, I know life always hard and sometimes so hard to move on…but try to find somewhere the will to move on…




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