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>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello World!
Last Friday, Amarte asi, Frijolito ended (well like always on a happy ending)....finally Ignacio was able to marry Margarita...but kinda felt sorry for Francisco, he was the only one alone without a partner in the last shoot....
So since yesterday, Más Sabe el Diablo has made its entry....
In Más Sabe el Diablo, we will be having as leading actress Gabriela Espino (she plays the role of Luna in the telenovela LUNA LA HEREDERA.)
and as leading actor Jencarlos Cadena .....
Más Sabe el Diablo theme revolves around crime and street gangs where the leading actor is himself a thief...well this telenovela appears quite promising....

  • Plot:
The story starts on Esperanza Salvador, working as the maid in the Acero household in Mexico where she turns to be pregnant for the son of the household. The Acero family and especially Graciela, Martín's mother, disapprove and takes Esperanza to an abortion clinic. Esperanza escapes the abortion clinic with the help of the driver and goes to a Graciela's friend's home.
Determined to fight for Martín's love, Esperanza steals money, her passport, and visa and escapes to New York City to search for Martín Acero. But Esperanza's life turns upside down when a group of men steal her purse with her money, passport, and visa.
Left with nothing, Esperanza gave birth to a baby son Ángel and raise him in New York.
Years later, the streets become a second home for Ángel, where everyone knows him as the Devil (El Diablo) for his traffic as a thief which in the end he pays for with a jail sentence. He then meets Manuela Dávila, an attractive lawyer, who represents him in his case. She pleads with the judge to let him go free and give him a new opportunity to start a new life.
But everything changes when he returns to the Cave (La Cueva), a bar where Ángel lives where he discovers that his mother is indebted to León, the leader of the gang he has always worked for. León had paid for Ángel's mother’s medical expenses while he was in jail, and the only way to repay the debt is for Ángel to be involved in a robbery at a charity event.
Ángel and the rest of the gang have to steal jewellery from the show room. Unable to refuse León's requirements, Ángel's only option is to organize the robbery. However, fate plays a trick of love when that night changes his life forever.
Have found some interesting summary of the whole of Más Sabe el Diablo
Check it down,telenovelas-2009,305476.html,el-diablo,339532.html

Well today I end on the last chapter of Amarte asi, Frijolito (gonna miss Frijolito)


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